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Amarnaathh range of products suitable for cotton, syn and man made fibers meet the challenges in surgical cotton roll, ear buds. Fiber openers,pillow making machine,non woven, cotton ball making machine, AE 240 at par with latest generation of card controlling of short thick and raw material fault, AE controls FD cut in auto corner,in OE processing production up to 1350 per card.Material cleaning process before bleaching.


Cotton cleaning process We collect the cotton bale around 180 Kgs weight each bale. We will be keeping in circular bale plucker . By means of condenser it goes to the six beater machine two times and material feeding machine if it is need process through carding . The clean web will be connected by condenser and store in bin bleaching process the collected clean cotton will be wet in SS drum and made as a cake form, along with SS perforated drum will be kept in the inside kier for bleaching process.

Quality Compliance

BACKGROUND OF AMARNAATHH AND MANUFACTURE OF SURGICAL PROCESSING MACHINES. Our MR B SOUNDARARAJAN having experience of 30 years in the leading textile manufacturing in south India .He has erected and commission more than (1)700 NOS SPEED FRAME,(2)100 NOS G5/1,(3)250 NOS OF DO/6,4)400NOS DO/2S, (5)more than 300nos C1/3 CARD,(5)220nos OF LC 100 CARDS,(6)LC300 CARDS AND LC 300A CARDS. Out of 12 years spent more than 6 years in assembly of above said machines. AE’S PRODUCT AE retrofit for cards We have confident by installing, AE’S production ,quality and maintenance retrofit in your existing carding machine namely C1/1, C1/2, C1/3,LC100 LC300,LC300A CARDS. It helps to achieve the higher production or better quality and auto comer FD cuts also reduced by 25% with zero maintenance. At par with latest generation cards like LC300 V3. The same has proven and converted more than3500 cards in India and abroad. AE’S every retrofits thoroughly studies and taking trail over a period of minimum 2 years, by different raw material.Then we launch in the market. Since AE retrofit cards working for the past 6 years. At par with LC300V3 cards quality and maintenance matching with production (190 mpm), we forced to manufacture chute feeding system along with Auto leveler.


bale will be formed for further process surgical roll making plant the collected bale will be processed in round bale plucker in round shape having limitation 3500kgs capacity. It goes to the six beater machine by means of condenser. During this process unwanted short fiber will be liberated goes to filter by means of exhaust fan. The well treated fiber is again process to material feeding machine and pass on to the card by ventilator and chute feeding arrangement.